Why you should buy holiday décor for your office building in January

Like all who decorate for the holiday season, business and building owners often wait until well into the year to consider their holiday displays. It may not be obvious that the global holiday décor supply chain follows an annual import calendar. It starts in January for the holiday to come.

Trees with ornament high density make an impact.

That’s why pre-ordering décor in the first quarter of the year guarantees style selections and saves several layers of costs that would otherwise be added by importers who speculate on styles and warehouse the goods domestically. Understanding the cycle also makes the design process easier and more interesting. Longer lead times allow for more customization - from color-matching to prop fabrication. This is particularly helpful when coordinating matching holiday décor for organizations who seek consistency at each corporate location nationwide.

Planterra specializes in the design, procurement, installation and storage of holiday décor for national accounts. If you think January is mind-numbingly early to think about Christmas decorating, here are 5 reasons why you should get it done.

1. Make decisions while last year’s décor is fresh on your mind.

Wreaths made completely of ornaments can be custom color matched and require less installation labor than traditional wreaths.

Photos don’t always tell the whole story. Our memories tend to fade on the little details that could make a big difference from one year to the next. Think about wreaths without a proper hang-point, a Christmas tree location a power outlet for its lights or an ornamental color that comes close to corporate branding but is not exactly on point.

2. You’ll get the best pricing.

Ordering décor before it’s manufactured removes layers of costs that are added by importers who warehouse goods based on sales projections. Aim to finalize your decision by Valentine’s Day and sign your contract before St. Patrick’s Day to take advantage of pre-order pricing. Don’t worry about having storage space prior to the season, Planterra’s professional holiday design and project management team coordinates everything so it arrives when it’s time to decorate.

3. You’ll have the widest selection of designs and styles.

Holiday décor styles and colors change with fashion trends. When you order in January the sky is the limit. Colors that fall outside of the classic holiday palette are the least reliable to procure without a pre-order. Even traditional colors that have specific variations in color,

The red vessels that hold the icy branches match this corporate client’s logo.

style and shape are almost impossible to guarantee by mid-year. Otherwise, the closer your decision is finalized to the holiday season, the narrower your choices will be.

4. Customizations galore.
Do you want your Christmas ornaments to match your corporate Pantone colors? Would you prefer a giant holiday-themed company mascot over a Christmas tree for your lobby? Have you considered gilding one of the company products into ornaments or holiday bling for wreaths? Be ready to recreate this custom décor at every company office location

Themes can be custom created and deployed consistently for companies with nationwide locations.

nationwide. By zeroing in on these customizations during the holiday import cycle, your custom idea can be scaled and affordable to make a reality.

5. You’ll be first in-line for a prime installation date.

The ideal installation dates fill up fast. Installation capacity is one of the biggest challenges that professional holiday decorators face. Committing to your décor plan early can guarantee the installation date range that you prefer. This is especially important on jobs that are large or have complex nuances.

Planterra offers a full service display department that specializes in holiday decorating for commercial building interiors, managing the design, procurement, installation and storage of holiday décor. Have a project or an idea to discuss? Contact us to see how we can help make your holiday vision a reality.

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