National Programs

National Office Plants by Planterra

Planterra specializes in large installations and specialty interior landscapes

National Programs

For clients with multiple locations, Planterra delivers  consistent, reliable, and unified interior landscape, and holiday décor services.

Planterra’s network of local service affiliates is the most comprehensive in North America. Planterra screens its employees to help make security clearance less of an issue for customers, making it an ideal vendor for airports, banks, and other high-security areas or to provide your national office plants.

Planterra’s project team travels throughout North America to install and consult on large-scale specialty interior landscape and display projects. Our large network makes it easy to provide national office plants. Its team offers expertise in areas such as:

• Procurement of unusual and rare specimen plants and trees
• Installation of live botanical gardens, atriums, and conservatories
• Large-scale installations of artificial foliage environments
• Creation and installation of seasonal attractions and displays for casinos, hotels, hospitals, botanical gardens, and shopping centers

Planterra provides custom holiday décor in the United States and Canada. To sure a smooth installation Planterra offers the largest network of specialty interior landscape maintenance contractors nationwide, with more than 90% of our contractors in business for over 20 years. We have years of experience designing and executing large installations, casino displays, and specialty interior landscapes.

Planterra’s project team can provide:

• Customized styles and colors that stay consistent with your branding
• Establish plant, floral and seasonal décor standards in Look Books
• One single point of contact for executive installation and décor change-outs for multiple locations
• Consolidation invoicing


Planterra's network of qualified plant contractors provide quality and consistency in the implementation of your design strategies across multiple locations miles apart. Our contractor network is always in communication with our design department to ensure proper execution of designs and clarity of vision.

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