Community Involvement

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra performing at the Planterra Conservatory

Planterra supports a wide variety of organizations, causes, and fundraisers - especially those that support the environment, our local community and artistic endeavors. We believe in making every community where we operate a better place to live and are happy to consider all requests for donations to worthy causes.

Planterra budgets a limited number of donations and reduced rates for charitable 501c3 non-profit organizations annually, but we make every attempt to fulfill as many donation requests as we can. A majority of our company giving is in-kind (non-cash), as this allows us to contribute to a greater number of causes.

Organizations requesting consideration are encouraged to apply as early as possible. All donation requests must be accompanied by a donation request form to be considered. Donation requests that are not submitted with the official form will not be considered.

In order to be considered you will need to provide Planterra with:

  • Letter of non-profit tax-exempt status
  • A formal request from the head of the organization on organization’s letterhead
  • Copy of your organization’s mission statement
  • A completed donation form

Please provide ample time for us to review your request. We will notify you as to whether or not we can meet your request.

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For information on events visit the Planterra Conservatory website