When this atrium was renovated, Rhapis palms and bamboo plants surround the perimeter, to allow for collaborative space in the center

Atriums, Lobbies, and Botanical Gardens

Planterra has more than 45 years of experience working with building owners, architects, and interior designers to create successful interior landscapes, ranging from simple lobby entrances to glass-enclosed botanical gardens.


As a full-service interior landscape provider, Planterra can work with your team from the design and pre-construction phase through completion. Our designs are informed by aesthetics, budgets, maintenance considerations and the lifecycle of the plant or product.


Diligence and maintenance are key to renovations. Most atriums need a refresh or renovation about every 20 years. Renovations are an opportunity to rethink the space and overall use – especially when it comes to collaborative spaces, spaces to inspire creative thinking or spaces to be rented as event venues. We understand how to maximize value by combining existing elements into a new design, especially in buildings with irreplaceable mature, well-established trees.

Offering expert design resources for atrium design, lighting, and irrigation.

Atrium Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance for an atrium or botanical garden space has a larger scope of services than ordinary office plant maintenance services. Specialized skills provided by Planterra include:

Interior landscape arborist for trees taller than 10 feet.
Integrated Pest Management (IPM), a process which includes organic and/or chemical solutions to keep plants healthy and pest-free. If chemical treatments are needed, the work is completed by a state licensed pesticide applicator.
● Monitoring of soil levels and PH. Over time, the soil in atriums degrades and requires replenishment.
● When something goes wrong, our horticulturists have the ability to replace plants, including rare and unusual specimen plants.

Learn more about choosing plants and plantscaping in hospitality and retail settings by connecting with us at Planterra.

This hospital required artificial plants in its atrium, lifelike faux maple trees, and flower arrangements are designed to be forever autumn.

Replica Plants

Certain design objectives can only be achieved with replica plantings. Planterra can work with your team to determine if replica plants are the best choice for the design or operational considerations of your space. We can also optimize a design to mix replica and live plantings. Key considerations include:

● Cost and product lifespan
● Cleaning, maintenance and storing stock for touch-ups
● UV-Rating
● Fire retardant

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