Office Plants

Plants are essential to a healthy workplace.

Plants for the Office

Greenery and natural color enhance any office environment. Office plants are inexpensive and easy to maintain with the help of a professional plant service. Our office plant rentals can help take the burdens of plant care and maintenance off your shoulders.

At Planterra, our office plant programs are full service, offering affordable options for rental or purchase with guaranteed maintenance. Office renovations are an ideal time to upgrade to office plant rentals or purchase programs to breathe life into the space. Planterra also offers national plantscape services for companies with multiple locations.

Benefits of Plants

Plants provide numerous benefits to occupants of an office environment. Some of these benefits include:
Improve office air quality
● Humanizes the space with biophilia
● Improve worker productivity
● Navigational markers for open office plans
● Reduce workplace noise
● Screen/conceal unsightly areas

Personal Plants

Plants are Personal

According to Gallup, plants are the most common items a worker uses to personalize their workspace. When an office design shifts to a shared workspace or hoteling office stations, the loss of such personalization can cause concerns. This is especially true for plants; because of their calming and humanizing qualities, workers have a stronger emotional attachment to living plants over objects.


  • Offer a “company approved” plant program, which allows workers to choose from a list of plants with matching container styles. This format controls the variabilities and makes it maintenance friendly.
  • Trade-in programs are an excellent technique to exchange unkept or diseased personal plants with emotional value with plants that are compliant with corporate standards.
  • If you take away personal spaces and their pet plants, make sure you add workplace plants back into the office, in the open office and common areas too.
  • Establish a policy on personal plants, so pests and diseases do not unintentionally infect the plants you are purchasing from your professional maintenance provider.

Best Plants for Offices

The best plants for offices and workspaces are generally tolerant to lower light levels and maintain form over time. Some of the hardiest choices for workplace plants include the ZZ plant, Sansevieria, and Dracaena Janet Craig.

Live or Artificial Plants?

Many of the health benefits associated with live plants do not apply to artificial plants. However, faux plants can be successfully integrated into an office design and it is not uncommon for designers to mix live plants and replica plants into an office space.

The cost structure differs greatly, as artificial plants have a higher upfront cost and lower maintenance but the lifespan of replica plants are shorter. Even with the highest quality, replica foliage requires refreshers and renovation every seven to ten years. For more information on artificial plants, visit our replica plant page.

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