Our Company

One touch of nature makes the
whole world kin.

– William Shakespeare –

Our Company

Founded in 1973, Planterra is a national leading provider of interior foliage and horticultural services to workplaces, hotels, and institutions. Committed to improving the human experience with nature, Planterra Company comprises a community of horticulturist, designers and display specialists. The talents of our team are reflected in Planterra’s three core businesses of interior landscaping, display services, and event production.

Our Mission

To achieve unforgettable customer experiences through nature-centric design, genuine products and personalized service using the positive energy of plants and botanicals which provide tranquility, beauty, and peace in modern day life.   

Our Values

  • Community-Minded
  • Sustainable Margins
  • Exceptional Service
  • An Enriching Place to Work
  • Unforgettable Experience
  • Nature-Centric

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For information on events visit the Planterra Conservatory website