Planterra is a leading provider of interior landscape services and plant rentals serving corporate campuses of the Fortune 500, medical facilities, hospitality properties and premier retail destinations. Equipped to manage clients with multiple locations, Planterra’s national account program includes styling, formatting, procurement, and maintenance of office plants and interior holiday decorating across the United States and Canada. Planterra’s Detroit-based design team has over 45 years of experience in plantscape design, installation and maintenance and regularly collaborates with architects, designers, construction and facilities professionals on living walls, atriums, faux landscapes, holiday displays, horticulture exhibits and interior plantscape installations.

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Planterra has worked for 45 years become a resource for architects, designers, property managers and building owners about the importance of including nature in design or biophilia. Our team of experts provides advice on lighting, irrigation, topdressing, and integrated pest management. Planterra’s national plantscape service and design team specializes in office plant designs and interior landscapes for organizations with multiple locations from regional to hundreds nationwide.