Holiday Décor

Full Service Christmas Tree Sourcing and Design

This custom display was designed for the autumn season.

Corporate Holiday Decor Program

Planterra’s team of seasonal décor designers and prop fabricators work year-round to produce unique displays and exhibits for office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, casinos, and hospitals. This includes holiday displays and the following services:


  • Custom colors
  • Installation
  • Storage
  • National fulfillment
  • Multicultural vignettes and displays


Seasonal Attractions

Exhibits and displays that enhance the guest experience, drive foot traffic and create photo opportunities for social media publicity.

Going beyond expectations

When a display becomes an attraction, it fulfills objectives beyond decorating and achieves goals outlined by the client’s marketing and public relations team. The most compelling attractions involve promoting a 5th Season-- an unexpected experience that no one else is offering in the geographic vicinity.

The 5th Season is a special attraction that creates buzz and draws customers in a way that is so unique, the competition cannot compare or compete. It can be part of an existing season or an entirely new one. Planterra’s display team collaborates with properties, venues, and non-profits to develop exceptional 5th Seasons which can offer fresh and engaging versions of:

  • Chinese New Year
  • Valentines / Season of Love
  • Easter / Spring / Butterfly Exhibit
  • Independence Day / Summer
  • Pink / Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Halloween / Funhouse
  • Autumn Harvest
  • Holiday / Winter Wonderland / North Pole
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From Concept to Fulfillment

Scope and complexity can range widely on specialty displays, here are some tips to achieve a successful result:

  • Collaborate in the concept phase. Engage with the building owner, facilities department, marketing, public relations and non-profit partners to refine the concept to achieve the biggest return on investment.
  • Set a realistic timeline. Displays and attractions require planning. Factor-in your organization’s internal approval process to the project timeline.
  • Budget-early. The most cost efficient displays are budgeted a year or more in advance. A 14-month lead-time is recommended for displays that require custom-made imported items.
  • Plan the post-season lifecycle. Where will the display be stored when the season is finished? How many years will the display be repeated? Can the display be rented, sold or shipped to other properties?

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