How do plants influence hotel star and diamond rating?

Plants can improve Hospitality Industry ratings

Working closely with the hospitality industry our team at Planterra understand how to customize the experience using plantscaping. Whether the location is a luxury hotel, retail business or casino, indoor plants and flowers can positively impact the experience. We frequently design and install plants for hotels that meet the hospitality standards for live plants.

Interior plantscapes made of indoor plants and planters at a luxury hotel property.

Plants make a good first impression
Indoor plants evoke a sense of luxury – and in any setting make a good impression. When visiting a hotel lobby, for instance, guests report that healthy plants are a welcome find. As long as flower fragrances are not overwhelming, fresh flowers or plants can only add to the experience.

When planning designs for luxury clientele, creating a sense of authenticity is especially important. Market leaders in luxury industries prefer live plants over artificial plants for posh retailers and hotels. The reason is simple. A boutique known for selling cashmere sweaters could risk its authenticity by installing artificial plants.

Hotels operate in much the same way. Authenticity is a key attribute of luxury in the hospitality industry, where consumers value what’s real above all else. Choosing indoor plants and planters that meet that luxury aesthetic can help hotels increase value in the eyes of their consumers. Some locations may choose to mix in artificial or replica plants that look realistic, though experts admit real plants for hotels are a better choice.

The addition of plants in retail spaces creates a well-known psychological effect. Grocers were among the first to discover that by placing flowers, indoor plants and planters at the entrance of a market, shoppers would associate the store with freshness and be more confident in the quality of goods sold there. In today’s retail and hospitality environments, consumers are willing to spend more time and spend more money when they are in the presence of a plant or flower-filled surroundings. But there is also an economic consideration when adding an interiorscape.

Interior plantscapes made of indoor plants and planters at a luxury hotel property

Plants contribute to a high star rating

Adding and maintaining fresh plants and flowers count among the evaluation process for hotels, restaurants and the hospitality industry.Adding the proper plantscape can more than improve the environment, it can enhance a 4 or 5-star rated location. Planterra is well-versed in the hospitality industry standards for live plants.

Ensuring the plants chosen are properly representative of the business and space available – and properly cared for – they improve the surroundings and luxury experience. Live plants and flowers are among the requirements listed for a property to earn a 5-diamond AAA rating. According to the AAA, the hotel is to be decorated with “an outstanding variety of live plants and fresh floral arrangements.”

Indoor Plants and Planters that meet hospitality standards for live plants

Indoor Plants and Planters that meet hospitality standards for live plants

And AAA is not alone.

Mobile Travel Guides require that properties with four Mobile stars must have live plants in guest rooms and those with five Mobile stars must have fresh flowers in guest rooms and all public bathrooms.

“It is our responsibility as an industry to be an ally of the hospitality industry by performing well and providing high-quality plants that enhance the luxury hotel experience,” said Shane Pliska, president of Planterra.

Maintaining plants becomes especially important in locations that exceed a 3-star rating. Guests expect to experience something more than they might find at home.

Adding a living wall or green wall to a luxury hospitality property is one way to increase its wow factor. Living walls display ivy-like plants that grow in using specialized lights and a concealed watering system. They provide oxygen-rich, purified air and can provide sound insulation while adding to the look and feel of a room.

Living wallslarge displays or fresh flowers – they all have something in common. Live plants and flowers must be properly cared for at all times. If the plants appear to be in poor condition, it could easily cost a high-end location the loss of a star from its rating – and that’s a determining factor for guests who choose to stay in a hotel or visit a restaurant. Those ratings are important to the growth and continued success of a hospitality-focused business.


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