Ways to Brand Your Office with Plants

Showcasing a strong visual identity not only differentiates you from your competitors but it’s what makes your brand memorable. Office plants give businesses a cohesive and professional look and also add a wow factor!

Planterra’s national account program offers plant branding for companies with multiple locations and delivers consistent, reliable and unified interior landscaping. Here are some great ways you can brand your office with plants.

Branding and logos can be incorporated into living walls.
Branding and logos can be incorporated into living walls.
Branding and logos can be incorporated into living walls.

Planters can be custom color matched to corporate logos.

Keep it consistent:
Branding is all about consistency. Your office plants should be as cohesive as possible across all locations. This can be a challenge, especially for companies with offices from coast to coast. Some plants will do better than others depending on the environment they are in. An expert national plant care provider can give you recommendations and help you choose which plants best complement one another.

Include living walls:
Living walls—or vertical gardens—provide a stunning focal point for your visitors. Incorporate a living wall that surrounds your logo to associate your brand as “green” and to give off a positive brand image. Living walls bring an artistic touch to your office that is truly unique.

These orange colored planters incorporate the company colors throughout this corporate campus.

Reinforce brand colors:
The colors you use in your branding hold a lot of power. Colors can affect how customers feel when they look at your business and it can also help a brand stand out. Use blooms, foliage or colored planters to highlight your companies’ colors. National office plant service providers can help you match your brands colors to the best plants by using color blocking.

Popular plant combinations for color blocking include:

  • Lime Green: Neon Pothos, Lemon Lime Warneckii, Lime Janet Craig, Succulents 
  • Red: Anthurium, Lipstick, Bromeliad, Cyclamen, Azalea, Kalanchoe      
  • Purple: Wandering Jew, Calathia, Bromelaid, Cyclamen, Azalea  
  • White: Peace Lily, Orchids, Cyclamen, Kalanchoe, Mum, Azalea    
  • Yellow: Song of India, Bromeliad, Kalanchoe, mum
  • Orange: Croton, Bromeliad, Kalanchoe, Mum 
  • Blue: Blue Tango Bromeliad, Tillandsia
  • Pink: Tillandsia, Cyclemen, Azalea, Kalanchoe 

Tropical plant foliage comes in many shades of green. Specific tones can be selected as a form of branding.

Make it unique:
First impressions are very important when it comes to office branding. The moment a visitor walks through your door you want them to feel comfortable—and even impressed! Adding potted plants at your office entrance will help put them at ease. This applies not only indoors but also to the outside of your building. Just like plants add curb appeal to your home, using plants outside your business welcomes guests and increases visual appeal before they even step foot inside.

Focus on quality:
In order to give off a positive brand image, your plants need to be well cared for. Keep your office plants looking lush by working with a national interior landscape provider. These plant technicians will visit your office locations to maintain plants and keep them looking in top condition. If you’re managing office locations in a certain region or nationally, dealing with multiple plant vendors can be cumbersome and time consuming. Elect for a one-stop shop like Planterra’s national account program.

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