Shane Pliska

Shane Pliska, by Trever Long

Shane Pliska


Shane Pliska serves as President of the leading interior landscape firm, Planterra. He considers his role managing the West Bloomfield, Michigan-based, nationally-focused company as so much more than a career. “I’ve been employed by Planterra throughout my life,” Shane said of the family-owned business. “Planterra is in my blood, it is my life purpose.”

The company provides corporate workspaces, hospitals, and hotels with live plants and horticulture maintenance service - locally and nationwide. Family-owned and operated from the start, Shane has become instrumental in growing a solid reputation at Planterra. The business is known for its contemporary plant displays, cutting-edge planter designs, living walls and large-scale horticulture installations.

What’s more, its botanical garden headquarters doubles as a popular event venue in southeastern Michigan. Under Shane’s leadership, the Planterra Conservatory has developed into a popular destination for weddings and corporate events in southeast Michigan.

Shane is a graduate of Emerson College, where he earned a bachelor of arts degree in film. He began his career working for United Artists and Superadio, and his creative background has always informed his work at Planterra. He manages eight staff members directly and oversees the more than 65 employees who make up the team at Planterra. Shane is also a noted speaker and expert in biophilia, the affinity to associate with the natural world.

Shane currently serves on the board of the West Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce. When he is not at work, the Bloomfield Hills resident can be found traveling, painting or cooking. Shane is a fan of wine, historic gardens, and modernist architecture.