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Planterra at 50

West Bloomfield, Michigan – On Monday, April 22, Earth Day, Planterra will release “Planterra at 50,” a mini documentary celebrating

What is interior landscaping?

Interior landscaping is the practice of designing, installing, and maintaining greenery and biophilic elements inside buildings. Professionals in the trade

Office of the Future: The Nature of the Post-Pandemic Workplace

  West Bloomfield, Michigan -- Planterra joined forces with colleagues in the interior landscape industry in authoring The Nature of
Washingtonia Palm Interior Boston Zoo

Big palms trees arrive at the Franklin Park Zoo

Boston, Massachusetts — Six massive twenty foot plus Washingtonia Palms arrive at Boston’s Franklin Park Zoo, courtesy of the Pliska

Giant elephant ears, gardenias, patio palms delivered to your door 

Planterra is taking orders for large scale tropical plants for your patio.  These spectacular full-grown tropical plants that were originally