Importance of Workplace Design

On Monday, Planterra’s President Shane Pliska sat on a panel of local business leaders to have a conversation on the importance of workplace design within the Michigan corporations they’ve built.  As a part of Ann Arbor’s POP X art festival, panelists and those in attendance were able to discuss the details of the process and benefits of creating workspaces that inspire creativity, attract and retain talent, while creating a memorable experience for customers.

The discussion began with brief overviews from the panelists on their companies and how workplace design has specifically been important to them.  SavCo Hospitality Group’s CEO, Sava Lelcaj Farah explained that specifically within SavCo they have found providing creative space helps foster employee growth and in turn helps advance staff internally and helps with employee turnover.

All panelists agreed that work-life balance is an ever advancing concept within the standard office environment.  CEO of Duo Security, Dug Song went on to state that he doesn’t want to build an office structure that makes employees want to stay there for 12-14 hours a day, but one that allows creativity at work and encourages employees to experience the vibrant Ann Arbor culture outside of work.

Shane Pliska, President of Planterra offered great insight of the advantages adding plants can have especially in open concept environments. Among a long list of benefits, plants can help:

  • Direct traffic patterns
  • Improve office air quality
  • Reduce noise
  • Hide unsightly cords or architectural flaws
  • Increase employee productivity and
  • Enhances the professional look and provides opportunity for color/branding

Pliska went on to say that “A plant is like a Canary, if the light won’t sustain plant life, it wont sustain human productivity.”

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