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We tend to throw around industry terms quite a lot at Planterra. One in particular that gets us a lot of questions is the term “Horticulture Technician”.  What do they do? Who are they? Why are they in my building?  If you’re asking yourself any of these questions, then read on, because we have put together an overview of this outstanding service!

Michigan Plant Technician

Horticulture Technicians service our installations throughout the country

When it comes to office plants or plants in a building, some managers may decide to have a staff member water and care for the communal plants. Sometimes this works out, but generally (due to no fault of staffers) you see the plants start to fail within 3-6 months. In comes our Horticulture Technician!  In order to make sure your plants and our installation stays lively and lush, we assign a horticulture technician to your location to make sure  your plants look as good as they did when we installed them.

Plant failure can happen for a variety of reasons when not cared for properly.  Office lighting is much different than many households and so is the air and temperature quality.  Our technicians are skillfully trained on how to care for plants in office and building environments. This service is bundled into our monthly costs and also includes the replacement of any failing plants.  Because we have a vast selection of plants located in our Conservatory in West Bloomfield, we are able to make sure any replacements are done in a timely manner.

Depending on the location, technicians are assigned to service an account every two weeks. Service includes watering, pruning, IPM (Integrated Pest Management), cleaning and replacement when necessary.

How do they know so much about plants? Well, one pre-requisite for becoming a horticulture technician with Planterra is a love for plants! And even more, a passion for sharing their plant love with the community. All technicians have plant care backgrounds and are required to attend monthly training meetings at our conservatory to brush up on industry standards and new training items. Once a year we also have Pest Management Specialist, Kathy Fediw come to the conservatory to instruct our technicians on best practices and safe ways to combat any pests.

DSC_1013Rest assured, we take great pride in making sure our technicians are well trained and up to date on industry standards. We take your account seriously and in turn take our education for our professionals just as seriously. So, next time you notice someone in a green polo with a neon green palm tree on it – say hi! It’s just one of our friendly Horticulture Technicians taking great care of your plants!