terracotta towers

The countdown has begun, and we’re officially 20 days away from the beginning of Spring! While it may be chilly, gloomy and slightly snowy out now, it’s a perfect time to start dreaming up ideas and planning out your summer garden. One of our favorite trends is vertical gardening, and these terracotta flower towers are a stunning way to save space on a smaller patio, or to accent a sprawling garden. The best part is how easy and fun they are to make! You’ll just need terracotta pots in various sizes (14”, 12”,10”,8” and 6” work best), 20-30 of your favorite annual flowers (or sedum!), a 2 cubic foot bag of potting soil, and a bit of whimsy!

DSC_0007When choosing your flowers, think about where you plan to plant the tower in your yard. Wave Petunias, Calebrachoa, Alyssum and Creeping Jenny are best for a sunny location. Impatiens and Lobelia work best for shadier spots.

I love the look of mounded succulent gardens, and I’m lucky enough to work in the conservatory where I can plant them up and watch them thrive. Since Michigan weather is a bit too inconsistent for our succulent loves like Echeveria, we used different varieties of Sedum out on the patio in our terracotta towers. There are over 600 varieties of sedum, so it won’t be hard to find these sun and shade loving perennials in tons of bright, funky colors for your garden.

We used wide, shallow pots for our sedum flower tower. We simply place a cinder block on it’s side in the center of the larger pot, placed the smaller pot on top, filled the empty space with potting soil, and planted the sedum around the base.


If you’re using standard terracotta pots, its best to use a wooden dowel rod to stabilize the tower as you plant it up. Using with the pot measurements suggested above, a 36” half inch dowel rod will work. Fill the first, largest pot with soil 1/3 of the way up. Set the second pot atop the soil, and push the wooden dowel through the bottom drainage hole into the soil a few inches. Then fill the second pot with soil 1/3 of the way up, and continue to stack your smaller pots on top of the dowel through their drainage holes.

Once you have the tower constructed, have fun planting your annuals or sedums in different patterns around each pot! Then sit back and enjoy the results for summer months to come!