Poly Pebble with a Sub Irrigation Marker

Poly Pebble with a Sub Irrigation Marker

Most offices probably don’t think too much about the topdressing that goes with your plant.  However, there are many options to choose from and even more importantly there are many reasons to include the proper office plant topdressing.  Carefully choosing what goes on top of your plants soil can really make a difference between how your plants perform and how quickly people notice them.

Properly topdressing your plants helps them retain moisture in the soil.  This reduces the rate a plant needs to be watered which means lower horticulture service fees for you!  We have provided a run down of the topdressings we suggest to make your office installations pop and your plants thrive!

River Rock:

One of our sleekest topdressings and most popular options is river rock.  These beautifully polished stones highlight your plant and container choices while providing the proper water drainage for your installation. The below picture features the “Tiger Eye” style of rock, but we can also provide black river rock stones as well.  Be wary choosing black stones or any black material as it will retain heat and increase the temperature of your plants soil if they are in the sun.

"Tiger Eye" River Rock Topdressing

“Tiger Eye” River Rock Topdressing


Made using recycled materials these plastic polished stones are an eco friendly option for topdressings in 3 different shades of Black, Grey and White Pearl.  These are a much more cost friendly option in comparison to the natural river rock that still delivers a natural look.

Poly Pebble Rock Top Dressing

Poly Pebble Rock Top Dressing


Perfect for a more natural feel – moss is one of the most ideal materials used for topdressings.  Moss holds the most moisture of our topdressing options and comes in a variety of color shades.

spanish mossSpanish Gray Moss

By far the most used top dressing, Spanish moss is our standard topdressing for plant installations.


Preserved Green MossPreserved Moss

This moss option is great for those that want a natural feel but still want the green freshness without worrying about fading throughout the year.


reighndeer mossReindeer Moss

This is the Cadillac of the moss world.  This vibrant moss option comes in a wide array of greens and chartreuses.  While this option may fade, it can be touched up with natural color and will definitely make your plants pop!


Crushed Glass:

An up and coming trend in the plantscaping industry is utilizing the beauty of crushed glass topdressing.  Coming in a variety of colors, these tumbled and soft-edged glass stones can set the tone of your installation making the aesthetic as whimsical or classically elegant as you want!  Here are a few sample colors, however our botanical stylists can work with your vision to incorporate more color options if you wish!

 Replica Underlings/Combinations:

Another alternative is using other plants as the topdressing to a larger plant.  Specifically, replica plant options work great in these scenarios.  Combining succulents, grasses or draping foliage will increase the visual impact your installation has on visitors.

Additionally, mixing any of these elements can provide a great visually pleasing look for your next installation!

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