The Workplace Collection

Redefine your workspace with office plant rentals from Planterra’s Workplace Collection.  Adding plants to your office environment can add real value to your  work environment and professional image. At Planterra it is our goal to deliver results that drive your success. Guided by case studies and over 40-years of experience, our team can help you meet our interior plantscaping needs.

Office Plants Can…

  • Improve Air Quality
  • Reduce noise
  • Direct Traffic Patterns
  • Hide Unsightly Architectural Flaws
  • Increase Perceived Value and Update Your Professional Look

Our Botanical Stylists are able to work with you to enhance your space by choosing plants and planters that complement your office and give new life to your building.  To book an appointment please contact us here.

For fast shipping plants and a quick delivery, please utilize our workplace collection order form.  This form provides options that are available for immidate delivery with a built in horticulture contract.

Workplace Collect Order Form

(download for auto-fill features)

What is a horticulture contract?

Our plant rental services include a horticulture contract to help make sure your plants stay healthy and look great!  Our horticulture technicians will come visit your location on a regular basis to do the following:

  • Water your plants correctly
  • Prune plants
  • Clean Plants
  • Provide Integrated Pest Management
  • Replace Plants (at no charge) if needed

Contact Planterra to book a free consultation with our stylists!

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Plant Container Options

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