What can plants do for your building?

Increase the perceived value of your property.
Distinguish yourself from the competition with a branded plantscape.
A low-cost solution to creating an updated and/or cutting-edge look..
Conceal design/construction flaws.
Justify leasing rates and increases.
Direct traffic patterns.

Lobby and Atrium Design

Lobbies present themselves as a first impression of your business to clients.

Lobbies present themselves as a first impression of your business to clients.

Just as properties with park and waterfront views command higher rent, adding greenery can increase your building’s marketability.  Even in a highly competitive marketplace, tenants sign leases not only for the reasons of price and location, but also based on “what felt right.”

The connection between the human brain and our innate appreciation for nature is called “biophilia,” — and when used to its full potential it can help seal the deal in making “a space or place feel right”, more so than your competitor’s property.  Tapping into biophilia is just one way plants can contribute to the success of your building.

We will service your needs from installation to day-to-day maintenance.  Our maintenance programs can deliver you the following:

The Flexible Oasis

The flexible nature of Planterra's designs allow for dual space use.

The flexible nature of Planterra’s designs allow for dual space use.

Although Planterra is well known for creating and renovating beautiful atriums, plants placed in movable planters can be positioned to create a similar ambiance.  We can:

  • Stagger plants and planters of different heights to create illusions of depth.
  • Create semi-private seating areas screened with foliage, as a space for tenants to lunch or conduct a casual meeting.

Atriums and Courtyards

Boosting natural light in a building’s core is usually the main design objective of an atrium or courtyard.  Plantscaped atriums and courtyards can provide the following benefits:

  • Create a marketable attraction for visitors and tenants.
  • Raises the profile of your building.
  • Can be rented as a special event venue.
  • Lower daytime energy costs by distributing natural light to Medical Interior Landscape Design - MImultiple floors.
  • A beautiful space to showcase artwork or products.
  • An attractive place for employees to collaborate on-site.