Plants for Hotels, Casinos and Retail

At Planterra, we understand that choosing to start a custom installation may seem like a scary and big project.  But we are here to assist you in selecting plants, containers and site furnishings that complement your décor, suit your space and fit your budget.

Our award winning design team will custom tailor a plan that works seamlessly with your interior’s colors, textures, lighting, temperature and traffic patterns.   Read on to learn how interior landscaping can enhance your space specifically within the hospitality, entertainment or retail sector:

Hotels and Resorts



Customize Your Hospitality Experience

At Planterra we understand the highly competitive nature of the hospitality business. For this reason Planterra is not just a service vendor, we are a partner in your success.

As nature is often the finishing touch that emotionally connects guests to your brand, plants can contribute to achieving the following objectives:
•Increase/maintain your star-rating.
•Create a welcoming first impression.
•Improve customer satisfaction.
•Increase perceived value.
•Direct traffic patterns.
•Create privacy screens.
•Conceal surveillance systems.

We keep track of the latest trends and at times are the trend setters. Our work has been featured in publications such as Hospitality Design, Wine Spectator, and Casino Management.

We serve customers of all sizes. If you are a large international brand or a unique boutique property, Planterra will work with you to deliver the right aesthetics at the best value. Our expertise ranges from setting rotation programs for Kentia palms to working with your construction team to complete complex plantscape installations.

We will service your needs from installation to day-to-day maintenance. Our maintenance programs can deliver you the following:
•Live palm rotations
•Color rotations
Replica plant (silk plant) cleaning
Fresh-Cut and replica arrangement rotations
•Emergency service

Each property has its own objectives. Please contact us today to find out how our services can best contribute to your property’s success.

Accent wall and planters within Roubuchon Dining Room

Living Wall, MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV

Motor City Casino Holiday Christmas Tree

Motor City Casino, Detroit, MI. Holiday Christmas Tree

Creating Gaming Environments

Planterra can assist your team in developing unique gaming environments. The right combination of plants, foliage, and natural elements can be used to achieve the following:

• Shorten sight lines and make large spaces feel more intimate.
• Artfully segment areas into enticing and comfortable “player playgrounds.”
• Accentuate curves and soften harsh architectural lines.
• Heighten senses.

Designing Unique Entertainment Venues
Nothing brings out inhibitions quite like nature. Additionally, one of the key reasons people choose to re-visit a venue is because it was a memorable experience. Planterra can help create your memorable ambiance with custom floral displays based on your event specifications and design needs.

• Large-scale floral props and displays
Special event displays

#3 Seven Star Lounge 002

Diamond Lounge Horseshoe Casino – Hammond, IN – Chicago Market

Casino Plant Service

Casino Plant Service

Retail: Setting the Trend with Unique Designs

Interior plantings offer an affordable and flexible solution to changing the look and feel of a retail interior without undergoing an expensive renovation or build-out. Plants are a visual amenity that produce an immediate impact displayed at eye-level. Interior foliage in retail spaces has been found to:

• Increase consumer spending.
• Increase the amount of time customers spend in the store/building.
• Promote an image of authenticity.
• Create an elegant atmosphere.
• Direct traffic patterns.
• Conceal surveillance systems.

Live or Replica?

Shopping Centers:
In recent years replica plantings have become popular in enclosed shopping centers. Although the lifespan of replica plantings is shorter than live, replicas offer a virtually endless palette of colors and styles. Artificial plants can be easily changed regardless of light and temperature considerations. For malls that budget to renovate their planting beds every 7 to 10 years, replica plantings offer the greatest selection and flexibility. Properties requiring a longer lifecycle between renovations should consider live plants. Planterra can provide budget information on purchase and maintenance costs for both live and replica plantings to aid in your decision making process.

Luxury Retail:
For high-end merchants creating an environment of authenticity is especially important. This may guide the design team to select live plants over artificial plants in this instance. For example, if the merchant sells 100% cashmere sweaters, decorating the space with fake plants, although subtle, the faux association suggests that the merchandise might be less authentic.


As you upgrade your facility to meet today’s security standards, plants and planters are an excellent place to conceal security barriers and surveillance equipment. Concealing the reminders of our “secure times” in attractive plantings contribute to the overall success of the retail environment.

Plants & Consumer Psychology

The influence of plants in retail spaces is psychological. Nearly a half-century ago, grocers discovered that by placing plants and flowers at the entrance, the shopper would associate the grocery store with “freshness” and therefore be more confident in the store’s quality. Similarly in shopping center environments, studies have shown that in plantscaped centers, consumers are willing to spend more time and spend approximately 12% more on goods and services (Wolf 2002).

Retail stores can utilize plants to enhance their displays and direct traffic

Old Navy in Las Vegas, NV

Plants can be utilized to create privacy and direct traffic patterns

Plants can be utilized to create privacy and direct traffic patterns