Poinsettias added to the wall for a bit of Holiday Color!

Poinsettias added to the wall for a bit of Holiday Color!

Henry Ford Hospital Downtown

Henry Ford Hospital Downtown has been an interiorscape customer of ours for years.  In fact, we have a long standing relationship with the Henry Ford Health System.  Our most recent project for them was a living wall that was installed right before the holiday season.  This living wall is located close to the Main Entrance in an atrium overlooking a courtyard.  Comprised with a variety of 4 inch plants, the living wall was dressed up a little bit this December with poinsettias for a pop of seasonal color.



In addition to the lovely views of the Living Wall, the installation and its space can also be utilized for private functions for special donor events.  Now, as the hospital has events in this space they will have a wonderful backdrop of lush greenery as a focal point.  The atrium also doubles as a community meeting space. With a Bigby right next to the atrium, beautiful art next to the wall and tables with chairs everywhere – the area has now been transformed into a beautiful area for employees, patients and family to gather for lunch or meetings.

DSC_0097It’s a commonly known fact that plants clean the air. A living wall is especially great for your air quality because now you have a higher volume of plants cleaning the air in a concentrated area. Some medical facilities are wary of adding plants in their space because of allergens. However, Planterra’s team can utilize “allergy free” plants or prepare a design that adheres to any concerns specific to your facility. Moss’/Topdressings can sometimes cause allergy reactions, that’s why it is our policy to utilize artificial Spanish moss as our standard topdressing in medical facilities.

Whatever the reason for getting a Living Wall – meeting space, aesthetics or air quality, our team of designers can put together an installation that will WOW your co-workers, clients, patients and community members.

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