Conservatory FAQ’s

We’re open to the public Monday through Sunday, except during private events and holidays.  Feel free to stop by for a tour, to buy plants or garden supplies or just to warm up from the winter chill.  Please consult our public hours.
The Conservatory is offered as special event venue for public and private functions. For information on upcoming events open to the public please consult our programming calendar. For information on hosting an event in the Conservatory please visit Planterra Weddings and Events.
We sell to everyone. Plants, decorative containers and other unique garden items are available for sale to the public in our Conservatory in West Bloomfield. We also offer residential horticultural services for clients in Southeastern, Michigan. Only national interior landscape services are exclusive to commercial clients.
Yes, Planterra offers specific services for residential horticulture clients in Southeastern, Michigan. Please visit our residential plantscape services page for more information.

Workplace Plants and Interior Landscape Tips

Numerous studies have linked interior plants with improved air quality. For more information on how plants clean the air, please visit our blog post on how plants clean the air.
Horticulture service clients are visited according to the scheduled service cycle, for watering, pruning grooming and IPM. This is coupled with quality control visits from Planterra’s Account Specialist. Frequency is determined by the service contracted & plant variety.
You can contact Planterra’s Account Specialist or call our direct number at 248-661-1515.
Depending on lighting, accessibility or specific project needs, replica plants can be necessary and in some situations preferred. In fact, we’ve completed large-scale installations using exclusively artificial foliage. Planterra offers a wide selection of realistic replicated foliage. Our high standards and expertise in live plantings ensures that we will only specify replica plants and flowers with the most convincing characteristics.
Our extensive inventory of tropical plants allows us to fulfill orders timely. However, lead-times on custom products, specialty flowers and specimen plants varies greatly. Please inform us of your deadlines, so we can recommend products that will meet your timelines.
No problem. We can recommend and install plants that maintain their form and beauty in environments with low light or reliant on artificial light. If you prefer a plant that requires more light than what you have, we can guide you in choosing supplemental lighting or a replica foliage alternative.
Flexibility is increasingly important in the modern workplace. We will work with you to move your existing plants into your new space smoothly and efficiently. We charge for delivery but for horticultural service customers there is no charge for layout design and placement. As plants are perishable, it is best to have Planterra move your plants rather than a moving company. If non-Planterra personnel move the plants, Planterra’s limited warrantee is voided.
Interior landscaping is the practice of designing, arranging, and caring for living plants in enclosed environments. Planterra calls this ‘interior landscaping’ even though land is not literally being reshaped. ‘Interior landscaping’ is an appropriate term because indoor environments contain plains, angles, and horizons that are softened, accentuated or altered by the addition of plants and planters-thus landscaping the interior. Similar to outdoor landscapes, interior landscapes provide spaces with ornament, color, sculptural elements, focal points, and an overall pleasant environment. In the trade, interior landscaping is also known as plantscaping and interiorscaping. Interior landscape firms will use one of the three terms or a combination. While interior landscaping is an accurate description of this specialty, plantscape and interiorscape are words that were invented at the birth of the interior landscape industry to define the trade. Plantscape and interiorscape may have originated in the early 1970s as the name of interior landscape companies but have since then become generic phrases that describe the specialty.
Interior landscape professionals are called plant designers, plantscapers, interiorscapers, or in less formal settings ‘scapers. At Planterra, since our team members are multidisciplinary in providing landscape, event, floral and display design, we use the term “Botanical Stylists.” Designing with live foliage requires a combination of horticultural and design expertise. Stylists make decisions on the planter style, plant variety, scale, and light conditions. On new construction projects stylists collaborate under the direction of the architect or interior designer.
In normal circumstances allergies are a non-issue. In fact most varieties used indoors are considered “allergy-free plants.” We serve many medical facilities, the experience of which has guided us in establishing company-wide standards to address concerns regarding dust, allergies, and molds. Our hospital and medical center customers have chosen to add live plants for the therapeutic qualities, clean air benefits, and to promote an overall healthy environment.
Green Walls, aka Living Walls are vertical surfaces that are densely covered with vegetation. Green Walls can be achieved in a variety methods, techniques and living wall systems, ranging from trailing ivy trellises to irrigated pre-grown planted panels. Visit Planterra’s green wall section for more information. Or, better yet – Visit the living wall @ Planterra Conservatory to see the largest one in Michigan!