cher at homeWe are often drawn to the style and trends created by the most famous celebrities.  It’s not surprising that all of these celebrities have style, it’s also not surprising they all included plants within their homes.  In addition to the health benefits of indoor plants, plants are often used in interior design to bring in a splash of bold color to a room or to naturally accent indoor furniture in an artistic way.

Cher may be one of the most iconic celebrities still alive today. So iconic, we decided to feature two of her homes.  The headlining photo shows her 1990’s home overlooking the beaches of Malibu.  This inviting estate featured many lush, tropical plants filling up her southwestern style home.


Her adobe retreat in Aspen is a cozy combination of nuteral colors mixed with natural textures and plants you would commonly find in houses like the Sansiveria plant featured below.

Photo Credits: Architecture Digest




Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi share their Beverly Hills home together with a variety of floor and tabletop plants.

Photo Credit: Architecture Digest


dam-images-celebrity-homes-ellen-degeneres-ellen-degeneres-portia-de-rossi-beverly-hills-home-03-entrance-hall dam-images-celebrity-homes-ellen-degeneres-ellen-degeneres-portia-de-rossi-beverly-hills-home-08-porch

Diane Keaton’s 1980’s home included large succulents and cactus varieties as well as cut lavender in multiple rooms.



Anjelica Huston’s California home has a great deal of outdoor space which she fills with large floor plants that contrast against the homes stark white exterior.


Jennifer Aniston uses floor plants and added greenery to accent her home full of warm, natural textures.




Utilizing heavy drinking ferns in the bathroom helps them feel more at home in a more humid atmosphere.



Even Team USA’s digs for the Rio Olympics included tropical foliage.



Last, but certainly not least, David Bowie’s former Caribbean retreat is available to rent by the week.  Surrounded by lush tropical foliage, this is the getaway dreams are made of.




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