IMG_3164This recent installation was designed to fit in with the interior design concept of this office.  Red and Grey containers were chosen to compliment already existing interior design elements like the coffee table, and kitchen bar.  Grey may not sound all that appealing, but in this case it fits easily with the décor and furniture already here.

Pairing a neutral color with a more bold color like red creates an interesting mix that when done correctly can look very modern and professional.


Most of our standard containers come in a wide variety of colors.  This is perfect for offices with branded looks as well as offices with innovative design themes.  To learn more about container and color options, click here!

Living Wall segments can also be ordered in a variety of colors.  Living walls are a great option for smaller offices with limited floor space.  Learn more about our Living Wall systems here!


Utilizing color in your plant design is a great way to professionally compliment the work and money you put into your offices interior design.  For a free on-site consultation, call one of our Botanical Stylists today!


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