Gateway Office Park Atrium Design

Recently we were able to get some great photographs of the Gateway Office park in Farmington Hills, Mi.  This Atrium design is a great example of how adding plants adds value to your property.  Dressing up this atrium with interior greenery was a great way to enhance the space shared by many businesses and coworkers.  Just as properties with waterfront or park views often fetch a higher price on the market, interior plants can also increase the rental value of your building.


In addition monetary value, installations of this type are a great tool for creating privacy in large open spaces.  The separated areas provide space for lunch meetings, waiting areas and even opens up the possibility for the space to be utilized for special events.  A struggle many building managers have with large open spaces such as this one is acoustics.  Plants in Atriums and Lobby’s help absorb sound and reduce background noise making your atrium a pleasant area for larger groups of people to enjoy.

As you enter this atrium you are greeted with a beautiful water feature and a multitude of large Bamboo surrounding a serene seating area.


DSC_0050You’d almost miss the beautiful seating areas on either side of the entrance if it weren’t for these beautiful Rhapis Palm lining the window and the brightly colored furniture.

Turning left to continue through the atrium your eye immediately gets caught by 4 luscious living wall segments lining the hallway to a second entrance.


At the second entrance, guests are greeted by another Rhapis Palm.


In the main area of the atrium there are even more Rhapis Palms lining the wall leading to the buildings café; a commonly used lunch area.


As you can see, tenants and guests can enjoy the atrium of this building for a variety of reasons; meetings, lunches, relaxation, events to name a few. Even smaller lobbys can benefit from including interior plants in their space. Contact our experienced team of Botanical Designers to set up a walk through and see how interior plants could add value to your business!



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